HER Record

HER ID: 55067, Site Of Boatyard & Slip, Ferrol Road

HER Summary: The site of a Post Medieval boatyard and a slipway dating to approximately 1795.

HER Category: Monument

HER Web Link: No link available

Investigation Activities

  • Type: Personal Observation

    Description: (1) Letter dated 3/9/2002.

    Date Range: 2002 - 2002

  • Type: Field Survey

    Description: The investigation of the slipway off Ferrol Road demonstrated that the rails, railbed, and the central rack system were still in situ on the slipway. The rails appeared to be in good condition although the central rach appeared to be displaced at one point along its length. The rail used appears to be a 'British Standard' 40lb/yard commonly used on light railway systems. The rail appears to be laid on longitudinal baulks. the rack system lying centally between the 'running rails' apparently provides a safety and locking system for vessels being moved. A locking pawl fitted tot he cradle engages on the rack which ies immediately to the east of a apir of rails centrally-laid on the slip probably to carry the pawl mechanism. Immediately to the west of the central running rails is the winching cable which ran from the winch at the head of the slip to a centrally mounted pulley at its base.

    Date Range: 2006 - 2006

Historic Events

  • Type: Unassigned

    Classification: Boat Yard

    Form: Unknown

    Description: (1) The site of an old boatyard (White's Shipyard) then a steam launch company.

    Date Range: 1540 - 1900

  • Type: Recorded

    Classification: Slipway

    Form: Unknown

    Description: (1) The slip dates approximately to 1795.

    Date Range: 1790 - 1800