Search for Historic Environment Records

Type in a location, search by:

  • Post code
  • Street name (you may need to specify by adding the town name e.g. High Street, Winchester, otherwise too many records will be returned)
  • HER reference
  • Grid reference ( acceptable formats: 45000,116000 or SU46NE or SU4116)

The location search is restricted to Hampshire only, while grid references are restricted to the Hampshire County extent.

If more than one location is found, select the location from the drop down list and click the Find HER Records button to search for HER Sites.

HER records within a 200m square of the centre of the location selected will be displayed.

A message is displayed if no records are found in a location.

To retrieve additional information on investigative or historic events of a specific record, click on the Further Details link within the basic information of a record. A new window opens displaying all available information on investigation activities & historic events relating to the record.

The Historic Environment Record is enhanced with INSCRIPTION data standards from the Forum on Information Standards in Heritage.