If you prefer you can use the Minerals Consultation Area search without the map.

Type in a location or use the zoom & pan tools to find a location.

To zoom in & out of the map, use the map slider on the map or your mouse scroll wheel.

To move or pan around the map, click and drag the map in any direction.

To find a location, search by:

  • Post code
  • Street name (you may need to specify by adding the town name e.g. High Street, Winchester, otherwise too many records will be returned)
  • Place name
  • Grid reference ( acceptable formats: 45000,116000 or SU46NE or SU4116)

The location search is restricted to Hampshire only, while grid references are restricted to the Hampshire County extent.

The map will automatically zoom to the location if only one is found. If several locations are found, please select one from the drop down list.

A red circle highlights the selected location on the map.

Based upon the BGS mineral resources data, with permission of the British Geological Survey. The mineral resource data is designed to be used at scales of 1:50,000 or higher and will not be displayed at smaller scales. The data should be considered indicative only and not be used for decision making. The County Council should be contacted to perform more in depth study should you have any queries around mineral location and areas of interest.

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