Search for Historic Environment Records

By using the HER – service online you are agreeing to the following terms and conditions:

  • Data accessed through the site is for personal information only. It must not be used for legal or planning work. Contact the HER team if you need information for these purposes.
  • Enquiries related to sites within Winchester District, Portsmouth or Southampton must be made to the relevant local authority.
  • HER does not hold data for Portsmouth or Southampton.
  • HER records are copyright of the HER. No reproduction allowed without the prior written consent of Hampshire County Council.
  • Information in the HER can not be regarded as definitive. Although verified, its accuracy can not be guaranteed.
  • HER must be acknowledged as a source when information is used in reports or publications.
  • Inclusion of a site in the HER does not imply any right of public access.

Type in a location or use the zoom & pan tools to find a location.

To zoom in & out of the map, use the map slider on the map or your mouse scroll wheel.

To move or pan around the map, click and drag the map in any direction.

To find a location, search by:

  • Post code
  • Street name (you may need to specify by adding the town name e.g. High Street, Winchester, otherwise too many records will be returned)
  • Place name
  • HER reference
  • Grid reference ( acceptable formats: 45000,116000 or SU46NE or SU4116)

The location search is restricted to Hampshire only, while grid references are restricted to the Hampshire County extent.

The map will automatically zoom to the location if only one is found. If several locations are found, please select one from the drop down list.

A red circle highlights the selected location on the map.

After zooming into the map far enough, HER records will display a green triangle . Click on the triangle to display the basic information relating to the record underneath the map.

A blue square is displayed when a location or record has been clicked on the map. A message is displayed if no records are found in a location.

To retrieve additional information on investigative or historic events of a specific record, click on the Further Details link within the basic information of a record underneath the map. A new window opens displaying all available information on investigation activities & historic events relating to the record.

If you prefer you can use the HER Search without the map.

The Historic Environment Record is enhanced with INSCRIPTION data standards from the Forum on Information Standards in Heritage.